The Bad Boys of Tarot and the Zodiac

How to use the most challenging cards in the deck as cards of timing to navigate the most difficult astrological transits that occur in your life


In This Workshop



How the 22 Major Arcana are Perfectly Linked to the 22 Astro Signs and Planets

Each of the 10 planetary bodies influences our lives. Each of these is also associated with one of the 12 astrology signs. Learn how each of the Major Arcana tarot cards is directly linked to it's own personal sign or planet and what it means when they show up in a reading.


Transits of the Most Difficult Planets- How to Spot the Warnings in Our Tarot Readings and What to do About Them

Death- Transits that crumble your world as you know it
The Devil- Transits that bring slow, grueling and oppressive trials
The Hanged Man- Transits that deceive you and make you question everything
The Tower- Transits that bring explosive outbursts and events you never saw coming


The Times When These Transits Hit Like Clockwork for All of Us

The midlife crisis trio, the 7 year challenge and other predictable transits that will rock your world. Many of these transits will show up at predictable set times in all of our lives. I'll show you how to identify those times and also how to spot the ones that are unique to you, often indicated by the appearance of one of the cards here.


The Secret to Finding the Good Influences These Bad Boys Can Bring 

Did you know each of these tarot cards has a "sister card" with a similar energy? Learn how this typically positive energy can help us create the foundations to help us grow and transform through the challenging transits. I'll also share 3 spreads I handcrafted specifically for navigating these difficult transits.

"This special class is going to show you how to use the most challenging cards in the deck as cards of timing, for some of the most difficult astrological transits we all experience. Being aware of these events and recognizing the warnings in our cards are a really powerful way to head off the unwanted outcomes they often bring, and make good use of the powerful energy they give us to create the life of our dreams. It’s in these most difficult transits that our greatest growth and transformations occur."


This Workshop is a MUST ATTEND if...

  • You want to learn how to clearly identify how and when these difficult transits will be activated so you can be prepared to benefit from them- rather than crumble under the weight of your circumstances with no idea why things are suddenly so challenging.
  • You know that having even a basic level of understanding of astrology in the tarot can take your readings to the next level, both for yourself and the people you read for.
  • You don't want to be blindsided by these difficult periods- but instead, are excited about the possibility of experiencing the kind of transformation that is life-changing. You're ready to level-up and grow!
  • You're excited to try 3 BRAND NEW SPREADS designed specifically to help you navigate these challenging times, and up-level your personal and spiritual growth in the process.  You'll uncover how to not just survive these transits, but to THRIVE.
  • You're excited to learn a few advanced tips about what one of these Bad Boys means when it comes up REVERSED in a reading.

A Personal Invitation from Liza...

Hi, I'm Liza- the owner and modern seeker behind, where I teach other modern passionate tarot card lovers how to confidently read for themselves and others with ease.

One thing I love as much as Tarot? Astrology. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. Join me in this workshop, where I teach how to recognize when these difficult cards are actually indicators of challenging transits in your life, AND how to best navigate them, so you can take advantage of the transformation and growth they offer- rather than feeling lost, broken down and in despair, wondering why life has gotten so hard.

I've navigated many of these difficult transits myself, and now I want to show YOU how you can see them coming and take advantage of them too- to come out transformed and better than ever- to not only survive these transit, but to THRIVE!

If you're ready to take your readings to the next level, and make the best use of these difficult transits we ALL experience, I can't WAIT for you to take this workshop!

Price $19