Fail-Proof Techniques
for Reading Court Cards for Yourself or Others Like a Pro

How to Confidently Interpret Court Cards in any Reading without the Confusion, Frustration or Dreaded Memorization

In This Workshop



How to Differentiate Between the 16 Cards

Learn how to decipher the exact differences between cards like the Knight of Swords vs. The King of Swords vs. the King of Wands vs. the Knight of Wands. You know they are all very different but with SO MANY cards with similarities (hello confusing 4x4 matrix), the meanings begin to all blend together!


Who the Court Cards are in Today's Modern World

Today's world is a lot different then the times in which these cards were created! Learn who these people are in YOUR everyday life today and how to recognize them.


The Big Differences in Reading Court Cards for Yourself vs. Interpreting Them for Others

You don't know your seeker as well as you know yourself. Same goes for the people in their life! Learn how to keep it simple when reading the Court Cards for others, and create meanings that wow your seeker rather than leaving you wondering if you were right. Even if you only read for yourself, you want to be able to recognize the person the Tarot thought was important enough to put in your reading!


How to Confidently Interpret the Court Cards in ANY Reading

Ditch the confusion and frustration, and start reading Court Cards with clarity and accuracy in all of your readings so you can confidently read for anyone, especially YOURSELF, anytime!

"Learning how to accurately interpret Court Cards can be one of the most challenging and daunting tasks for even a seasoned Tarot Card Reader. But it's a necessary skill if you want to read for yourself, or eventually others, with confidence, clarity and accuracy. It can be tough to move ahead as a reader, performing readings for others, if you find yourself dreading the appearance of Court Cards showing up, for fear of drawing a blank. But when you master the Court Cards once and for all, you'll finally be able to do what you love, performing Tarot readings for both yourself, and others! Join me and learn how to accurately interpret Court Cards in all of your readings so you can step out and become the confident reader you are ready to be!"


This Masterclass is a MUST ATTEND if...

  • You're frustrated at trying to understand the exact differences between each of the Court Cards, and instead, want to be able to easily interpret a Knight from a King and from suit to suit
  • You DREAD the thought of having to resort to rote memorization and simply committing all of the traits of all of the 16 Court members personalities to memory
  • You want to know WHO THEY ARE in each individual reading as REAL PEOPLE, not an abstract collection of personality traits
  • You want to easily identify when a Court Card is referring to you, someone else, or even some event
  • You're ready to interpret Court Cards accurately in your readings with ease, so you can finally be the confident reader you're ready to be!

A Personal Invitation from Liza...

I've been reading Tarot for over 15 years now. Court Cards truly used to be my BIGGEST STRUGGLE. But I've found a way to make learning them easy. I created a system, and that system WORKS.

I don't fear Court Cards at all anymore, as a matter of fact, I welcome them just as much as any other card in my readings- and I want that for you too!

I've taught Court Cards to hundreds of students who have gone through my Court Card Challenges, Classes, Workshops and Courses.  Now, it's YOUR turn. 

Join me in my workshop, where I'll be teaching the insider techniques I've never shared outside of this class.  If you're committed to ditching the Court Card confusion for good, I can't wait to help you get there faster!

Join me now!